Money Saving Tips for your Wedding

Money Saving Tips for your Wedding

No matter what, your wedding should be special and make you feel a million dollars. However, none of us have endless pots of cash. And not everyone has generous relatives giving you a large budget to play with.

There are ways of having a wonderful, relaxed day without paying for it for years to come, plus we’re sure you’ll want to reserve funds for a great honeymoon…

Food at your Wedding

Numbers – Food will be one of your greatest expenses, so do think carefully about who you would like to invite to your wedding breakfast. If your friends and family are quite local, they should have plenty of notice to get childcare organized and enjoy a day off from the kids – unless of course you want them there! People really will (or should!) understand if you can’t invite everyone and you can have plenty of evening guests.

Alternatives – How about alternatives such as canapés instead of starters? Or afternoon tea instead of a big traditional meal? Your wedding cake could be instead of pudding too. The best person to speak to, of course, is the caterer about these options.

Evening Meal – In the evening, you really don’t need another full meal. Sometimes just wedding cake and cheese and biscuits or other nibbles are enough (as long as you pre-warn evening guests!). If you have your ceremony around 2pm or 3pm it won’t have been that long since the main meal finished, so again, another reason not to need to provide too much evening food.


Many venues actually have their own decorations you can use or they simply don’t need much to make them look great. We’d recommend visiting your venue a few times to see what you really need.

Fortunately our venue, Gildredge Manor, is already in a great setting and a lovely house – so you really don’t need to spend lots on décor and dressing. A lot of brides now just bring:

  • Flowers (e.g. in decorated jam jars)
  • A guest book
  • The table plan (and many venues, like us, provide an easel)
  • Table decorations/favours, which they and their creative friends and family have made.

Don’t forget you can make your flowers ‘multi-task’ by moving them from the ceremony venue/room to your reception venue/rooms.

Evening Entertainment

A DJ will always be cheaper than a band (unless you happen to be friends with a band!). So that’s a good option and, once everyone is in the party mood, good music will lead to a good boogie regardless! In our experience, just a playlist and speakers is generally a disaster so we would recommend at least a DJ.


If you’ve picked your venue, are you able to get ready there in the morning? If so, you won’t necessarily need to spend money on a fancy car to get you there. Luckily, at Gildredge Manor, you can get ready here, and all the hotels are within a few minutes drive and cost around £5 to get to/from.

Wedding Planner

Sometimes, having a wedding planner is great. If you already have a very busy life, they can help you feel reassured and get things in order. On the other hand, many venues support you all the way through in the run up and on the day. Plus, if you have the time, many people really enjoy the planning of their wedding!

At Gildredge Manor you don’t need a master of ceremonies or wedding planner. We can point you in the right direction for good suppliers on our preferred/trusted list and give you the heads up on specifics about them.

One area we would definitely recommend you don’t stint on is photography. These will be your main lasting memory of the day and will capture all the little moments you missed when your day goes by in a flash (sorry!).

Wedding Fairs

If you attend wedding fairs and already have in mind what you are looking for, that’s the place to pick up or maybe negotiate a deal.

Time of Year

If it’s not essential to have your wedding on a Saturday in the summer, consider weekdays and the “off-peak season”. We’ve had many stunning winter weddings at Gildredge Manor! We offer substantial discounts and you might get a better price with other suppliers too.

If you haven’t yet booked your venue, and are looking for a beautiful setting in Eastbourne, East Sussex, please book a visit. We are sure you’ll love it. Learn more about weddings at Gildredge Manor or you can download a brochure.

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